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Mens Leather Watches

Mens Leather Watches


Men’s Leather Watches – A Timeless Watch Option

When you’re choosing a watch, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options that are available. However, there’s one type of watch that never seems to go out of fashion, and that’s men’s leather watches. They’re minimal, they often have a retro vibe, and they look great when you want to dress up.

That being said, choosing good men’s leather strap watches may be a bit more difficult than you might think. And no, it’s not because there aren’t many good watch options - quite the contrary. There are so many options that you will be hard-pressed to choose a leather watch.

So, we’re here to help. We will discuss a few models of leather watches, and we’ll show you why each one of them could be your next purchase. All you’ll have to do is pick the watch you like most.

Men’s Watches with Leather Strap

The first example that springs to mind is the Daniel Wellington Classic York leather men’s watch. After all, Daniel Wellington watches are known for leather. The design is excellent. It comes with a crocodile genuine leather strap in a beautiful dark brown colour and a 20mm width.

The dial is white, and it sits in the middle of a case that could be either gold or silver. Both options look extremely elegant and come with matching colour watch hands. There are no numbers here, which only adds to the minimal look of the Classic York, and makes it one of the best men’s leather watches out there. Oh, and if you pick the gold variant, you’re getting one of the most elegant gold watches you can find.

Another brand that has great leather watches is Skagen. And if you want proof, look no further than their 40mm Ancher. It’s a simple watch with a modern touch, that comes with a thick leather strap and a white dial inside a black/silver frame. The combination of colours is lovely, and something that looks really great on just about any attire. You’ll find some other Skagen watches online, too, but the Ancher is a great option.

Last but not least, we feel like we must mention Diesel. Even though they usually have sporty models instead of the classic, elegant ones, the Mega Chief with a 51mm frame is a great example that they can do both. The Mega Chief comes with a black leather strap with an interesting texture, and a gold frame. Inside that gold frame is a black dial, and the entire colour combination looks stunning.

Leather Watches Aren’t Just for Dressing Up

This is a pretty popular stereotype, but it’s one that’s not really true. While yes, a leather strap watch looks great when combined with a similarly elegant outfit, you can definitely have men’s leather watches as part of a more everyday style, and it will still look stunning.