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Citizen Watches

Citizen Watches


Citizen Watches

An innovative technique that is constantly evolving along with the classic designs and timeless models have made the Citizen watch a true icon of the watchmaking industry. Expertly crafted with quality, durability and increased wearing comfort, Citizen watches offer great functionality and style.

Focused on utility by incorporating modern technology inventions, every Citizen watch represents a high-quality and functional wristwear that supports the modern active living. The range of designs and styles for him and her are following. Innovative, modern, classic and stylish, every Citizen collection brings the perfect wrist adornment for every style, taste and purpose.

As an innovation leader in cutting edge technology, the Citizen brand is the pioneer in manufacturing Ecologically Friendly timekeeping with its Eco-drive collection.

The Signature Watches Collection

Do you want a watch that never goes out of style? With the Eco-drive collection, the signature of Citizen watches, the endless battery power is finally here. Citizen’s Eco-driven technology has presented, to the world of watch fashion, endless power solutions.
Eco-Drive Technology

The eco-drive technology allows the watch to generate energy from all light sources, both natural and artificial, and use it as a power supply. Designed to eliminate the use of a watch battery this advanced technology is ecologically friendly. Moreover, enabling watches to run for over six months in dark, this is an economical solution that eliminates the expense of replacing the battery.

More than an ecological and economical solution, an eco-drive Citizen watch is very convenient for those depending on the functionality and reliability of their wristwatch. 

Eco-Drive Watches Collections - The Best of Citizen Watches

Working on the constant improvement of the eco-drive technology, Citizen has designed highly functional watches with fashion-forward and classic style. Their wide collection offers a great range of Citizen watches for men and a variety of Citizen watches for women. Every man and woman can enjoy most of Citizen’s potential in a beautiful wrist adornment, suitable to their unique style.
Citizen Watches - Men’s Watch Collections

Men love the Citizen pieces that feature complex timekeeping options. Moreover, they allow them to track time right to millisecond at an extremely accurate rate. While being extremely functional, the various styles offer dress watches that are timepieces, modern and fashionable. For the active adventurer to sleek professional, Citizen offers reliable watches for all men. 

Citizen Watches - Women’s Watch Collections

The delicate women's Citizen pieces feature sparkling Swarovski crystals or diamond-encrusted faces for a glamorous style. Stainless steel watches, silver or gold-plated offer a timelessly elegant look. Among various other styles, the two-piece options featuring a bracelet and the leather strap watch are among the most-loved. 

Shopping in New Zealand

Here at Shop Watches Central, you will find the best collection of Citizen watches in NZ. You can now purchase Citizen watches online and enjoy the same high-quality at more affordable prices. Keep up with our Citizen sales and order today! All Citizen watches in Auckland come with free shipping directly at your door. Your watch will arrive within 2 to 4 business days!