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Men's Watches NZ Collection Whether a modern-day gentleman, professional businessman, active sportsman or fashion guru, every confident man wears the perfect wristwatch to depict attitude, style and status. The watch has always been and still is an obvious sign of promptness and integrity in men. Moreover, in the modern days, men’s watches are also perceived as an important adornment that depicts style and intent. NZ men rely greatly on the functionality and utility of their watches. They appreciate a solid built and durable watch with extended features and contemporary solutions. The variety of choices provided by various brands and styles give every man a chance to find its perfectly reliable and stylish watch.Our collection of watches for men features the best watch brands that are popular across the globe. We cannot overlook the brand power that drives the desire to choose a particular watch. Moreover, if you have your preferred watch brand, here at our online store you will find a filtered NZ brand offers only the best men’s models and collections. A Guide to Choosing Men’s Watches The basic categorization, when it comes to men’s watches, is based on the type of display. Moreover, it explains the mechanism that shows the time, in simple words, what you see at the watch’s surface. Analog WatchesThe most traditional type of watch, an analog watch shows the time with an hour hand, minute hand and sometimes a second hand. Watches for men are commonly analog, as many men prefer this style. It’s the epitome of watch styles. Plus, analog watches are very accurate. Digital Watches A digital watch is the one that uses an LCD screen to display the time. Moreover, it can display more information, depending on the functions of the watch. As digital watches require electric power, they usually run on batteries. Digital watches are very accurate, however, if their power supply is weak, they can show the wrong time and info. Advanced technology for digital watches often feature a stopwatch, heart rate measuring, navigation and integration with other devices. Hybrid Watches Hybrid watches combine both analog and digital types in one wristwatch. They look like an analog watch, but they also feature an LCD screen inside. Some LCD screens in hybrid watches are used to only tell the dime in digits, however, there are others who offer more functions (fitness tracking, smartphone integration,etc.) Men’s Watch Styles Popular styles that watches for men offer are the Casual, Dress/Official, Fashion and Luxury. Casual watches are intended for day-to-day wear and go well with the daily outfit. There are a lot of casual styles for men, and they differ greatly in appearance from brand to brand. On the other hand, the dress or official style of watch is intended for business or formal occasions. They keep a sophisticated, minimal and neat look. Fashion style refers to the hottest fashion brands' watches and the latest trendy models at a particular time/season. On the contrary, luxury style watches are the ones that are manufactured by the oldest and longest-enduring watch brands that are setting standards for men’s watches. Moreover, they are usually hand-crafted men’s watches. When and where you want to wear your watch is an important intention to keep in mind when choosing a brand and model. Moreover, you can choose a watch according to occasions or according to your attitude and style. Men often use watches as a symbol of their masculinity and to depict their character.Our collection features men;s watches Australia best-selling pieces. Shop renowned brands at affordable prices. Keep up with our brand and seasonal sales and special discounts. We offer free shipping for New Zealand and Australia.


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Women’s Watches NZ Being a fashionable and stylish woman that doesn’t go unnoticed, means paying the greatest attention to details. A sleek women’s watch is much more than a fashion detail, although it’s the most powerful one. A carefully chosen women’s watch is a detail that depicts intention, attitude and social status. Women love to wear adornments that go well with their stylish or chic outfit. Moreover, they admit, the most loved piece of jewelry is the wristwatch. Women’s watches, in fact, unite utility and luxury, creating a functional piece of jewelry. Commonly, ladies' watches include decorative gemstones and crystals. Watches for women come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs. Every woman is offered a wide range of watches that can suit her taste and satisfy the criteria. Despite the fact that designers prioritize the appearance, they don’t compromise the functionality, quality and durability of the watches. At our online store, you will find the leading brands for women's watches. Experience shows that women are very much devoted to a preferred brand. Therefore, we chose the most-loved, world-renowned watch brands according to women’s desires. Browse through our carefully selected women's watches NZ collection and see the difference our premier choices of ladies watches offer.  A Guide to Choosing Women’s Watches The compilation that is intended to impress a woman includes a rather poetic allure followed by functionality and durability. Still, with branded pieces, the accent falls on the beautiful appearance. That is certainly not a drawback, since all brands don’t compromise quality and excellent build solutions. Let us help you with the difficult quest of finding the perfect women’s watch, either for yourself or to gift to a beautiful lady.  Choosing a Watch Style Watches for women come in different types, styles, shapes and materials. The chosen compilation results in a watch that brings a specific vibe and therefore adjusts a woman’s style accordingly. Choosing your perfect watch style means taking into consideration your preferences or where and why you intend to wear your watch. The casual style is a daily wear watch. Choosing a watch for day-to-day wear means to go well with your personal style and commonly worn outfits. A casual watch features a minimalistic style and simple look.Jewelry style watches often feature gold or platinum, pearls, diamonds, gemstones or crystals, and they look very luxurious. Their formal appeal makes them more of a jewelry piece, suitable for special occasions, that goes along with an elegant outfit. Fashion style watches are the ones coming from the latest designer’s and brand’s collections. Depending on their appearance, they can be casual, formal or jewelry, however, they are trendy at the moment. The emphasis is mostly on brand recognition and fashion-forward attitude. In some cases, these designs become timepieces, and in others, they quickly go out of style.  Colours Women understand the power of colour. They pay great attention to colour combinations and may accessorise accordingly. Therefore, colours should be combined with the outfit. White watches suit a fairer skinned complexion and are recommended for women who prefer lighter colors on their apparel. Black watches suit women with darker skin and bold physical features. A more neutral tone such as beige, gold, rose gold and platinum tend to be quite versatile and look good on all women and combinations. Wrist Size The average size of a woman’s wrist ranges from 12cm to 18cm. Standard women’s watches have diameters from 22mm to 34mm. To measure the perfect diameter for your wrist, here is a brief guide:  Smaller watch diameters of 22 to 28mm are more suitable for a small wrist of 12 to 14cm. Watch diameters of 28 to 34mm are more suitable for an average woman’s wrist 14 to 17cm. These parameters may vary depending on the particular watch style. The trendy designer’s watches come in an oversized style. If you fancy this model, be careful about your wrist size. Moreover, they may look awkward on a small, feminine wrist. A trend-driven or timeless investment piece, every woman should find the right watch to bring her style to perfection. Remember ladies, the real elegance is created by the right details. Browse through our carefully selected collection of ladies watches to find your signature watch today.


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A watch is a statement piece and often depicts a person’s social status, attitude, style and fashion preferences. At Watch Central, you will find suitable high-end watches for your taste and needs, regardless of the purpose you seek in a watch.

There are a number of factors you can consider when purchasing your luxurious watch: design, value retention, price, technology, features, quality and brand prestige. The finest and most intricate watches, worn by celebrities and the world’s most dominant people, come from popular brands. We compiled a list of the most loved watch brands in New Zealand with the best collections they offer. Our online shop offers the following brands:

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NZ men love highly functional watches with smart technologies and sophisticated appeal. A watch will go well with their masculinity and style. In our NZ collection, men can find casual, sportive and official designs or, more or less, an all-in-one.

Contemporary technologies and high-quality stainless steel, used in the building process make all brands competitors in quality. Pretty much any brand that you may choose will give you an endurable watch with just the right style and features you wish for in its design. Reliable timepieces for men are offered from all previously mentioned brands. Browse our store to buy watches NZ.

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Women’s watches are perceived as jewelry. Moreover, brands offer women’s watches that are the perfect adornment for their style. Luxurious style and functionality are featured in the best-selling brands our online shop offers. Often, glamorous models include decorative crystals and various gemstones.

Modern designs are incorporated into women’s watches.

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